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Building a Wood-fired Masonry Oven

Construction of the foundation continued even amid fall rains and the resulting mud.

foundation blocks

Foundation blocks getting placed amid fall rains.

Lintel block

At the right you can see the form blocks set in place to receive framing for a poured cantilever that will tie the whole oven to the bakery building structure itself.

cantilever preparation

foundation last course


Blocks being laid up; the open area under the oven will be the ash dump from the hearth (more pictures later will show this)

leveling things up

Making sure it's level; the walls of the foundation are now high enough and it's time to frame up the cantilever that will tie the oven to the existing building . . . But first . . . the back wall of the old shop (aka "bakery") had to be partially removed to allow access for cantilever framework.

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