What is wordsmithing?

A wordsmith is one who works with words, especially a skillful writer and editor. No matter how advanced technology becomes, text production of all types will still need to be read and assessed by a human being for accuracy and literary appeal.

Raw ideas can be transferred to a word processor by most anyone who can manage a keyboard. However, widespread use of technological advances in the manipulation of data is not the final word in document preparation. The material needs to assessed for its basic ability to communicate to the target audience what is intended by the author.

  • Is the message clearly expressed?
  • Is the material represented appropriately by chosen medium?
  • Is the material grammatically correct?
  • Is the subject something your audience will be interested in learning about?
  • Is the information formatted appropriately?

At Book Woman Wordsmithing, we can prepare your text-based document for publication in hardcopy format or for the Internet as an HTML or PDF file. Our expert editors, proofreaders, and document specialists will take your raw data from either an MS Word, Corel WordPerfect document or PowerPoint slide program and transform it into a finished product, ready for publication or presentation.

If you have a manuscript written but unformatted and unedited, we can take it to the next level of perfection.

What we will do for you:

  • Read your manuscript and evaluate it for marketability
  • Edit your work for correct style and grammar
  • Format your document for output/publication

Other services at Book Woman include researching topics, writing of articles or short manuscripts, and file preparation for print output using the latest electronic mechanical and graphics software available. You receive a finished product based on your original manuscript or created by our wordsmith experts.

Sit back and let us prepare your document for you.

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