Book Woman Fees Schedule

  • Edit (includes copyedit and general edit): $1.50 per double-spaced page for manuscripts 35 pages or less.

  • Edit (includes copyedit and general edit): $0.008 per word for manuscripts greater than 35 pages.

  • Viability check (no editing): flat rate of $50 for manuscripts less than 50 pages or PowerPoint presentations of less than 100 slides

  • Viability check and edit: $50 plus $1.50 per double-spaced page for manuscripts less than 35 pages, or $0.008 per word for manuscripts larger than 35 pages

  • PowerPoint presentations: flat rate of $1.75 per slide for copy and general editing

  • Manuscript formatting (no editing or critiquing) document will be prepared according to traditional specifications for publication: $.005 per word

To calculate your estimated fees, use your word-processing program (MS Word or Corel WordPerfect) to determine the number of pages and/or words in your document. Then multiply our fees by that number.

For instance: for editing a master's dissertation containing 57 pages, you should calculate the word count for the total document, then multiply the number of words times our fee of $0.008 per word. This would result in an estimated fee of $182.40.

For a shorter document of perhaps 23 pages, then calculate our fee based on the page count, which would result in an estimated fee of $34.50.

Research fees are calculated by the hour and are not part of the editing or critiquing fees. Contact us for estimations of research fees based on the topic and extent of your need.

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