Book Woman Editing Services

Book and magazine editors expect a polished manuscript, ready for publication when they receive it. If it is incorrectly formatted, contains numerous typographical errors and misspellings, or is grammatically inaccurate with weak sentence structure, imprecise language or overly cast in the passive voice, your document will probably be rejected as unworthy of their time.

We do both copy editing and general editing. After editing your document we can provide a critique of your work with suggestions for improvement, as well as pointing out strengths and weaknesses in your presentation.

In our "Viability Check" we'll give you an objective review of the content of your document and provide suggestions on how to improve your focus and material organization to improve readability.

Our editorial staff have been Brainbench Certified, so you can be assured that we are accurate in our work. At Book Woman, our staff is fully qualified to edit and proofread your dissertation, article, manuscript, business letter, Web site material, or PowerPoint presentation.

Our objective is to make your work as powerful and persuasive as possible. Contact us for more information or visit our fees schedule page.

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