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Grandmother in car at Hobe Sound

Grandmother at the wheel, with Jim in back behind her and Edward in front next to her, taken at Hobe Sound about 1926.

While living at Hobe Sound, Granddad met many interesting characters, including John Ashley of the notorious Ashley Gang — south Florida's version of Bonnie and Clyde. Yep, they were bank robbers, that is, when they weren't running their lumbering enterprise in the pine woods west of Hobe Sound. Grandad bought lumber from them to use in his construction business. John lived so deep in the woods that hardly anyone could find them, but Grandad knew the way. We'll have some pictures of the Ashley Gang, including a hold-up at the bank, so keep checking back.

Jim and Ed on Cherokee Farm

Jim and Edward on Cherokee Farm in Cleveland, Tennessee with their geese, goats, and heifer; taken about 1928.

Grandmother's head stone
Grandmother's head stone

Grandmother is buried at Cleveland, Tennessee on the top of the hill in Fort Hill Cemetery

MORE photos from the Family Album

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